Convert/Transcode MXF to MOV for Avid Media Composer

One of my daily tasks is to record videos by my Cannon XF 205 which is able to output MXF and MP4 with high quality 2.91 million pixels. When I finish these recordings, I still need to handle a primary postproduction about my works by myself –converting MXF files to Avid Media Composer. Since the camcorder puts the footage into separated MXF folders, there is always a little inconvenience to add these MXF files. But recently, I got a piece of fantastic software which can help me directly pull MXF out of folders to Avid Media Composer – Aunsoft TransMXF for Mac.

Aunsoft TransMXF for Mac is a piece of powerful software which is mainly to convert MXF to many other common formats, such as MOV, MP4, AVI, SWF and so on for Avid Media Composer, Final Cut Pro, iMovie and many other popular editing software.

Moreover, Aunsoft TransMXF for Mac supports to split and merge MXF files in conversion and you may edit your MXF files in this software,you just need to pull the folders directly to it to add these input MXF files!


Pull MXF out of Folders to MOV for Avid Media Composer


Step one. Both pulling the folders into its concise interface and adding them to it one by one are allowed to input the source files. (Free download Aunsoft TransMXF for Mac)

Step two. Select the output format. (I chose Avid DNxHD MOV, because this format is compatible to AVID Media Composer.)

Step three. Adjust the setting with your specific needs. You may change the codec, size, bitrate, frame rate of the video and the codec, sample rate, bitrate, and channel of its audio.

Step four. If you had finished your format selecting and setting, you just need to click the yellow arrow button to start the conversion of MXF to MOV for Avid Media Composer.

When I put it into my Avid Media Composer, it turns out to be in a good running. By the way, I also tried Aunsoft TransMXF on my windows PC, and it also works.

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