The Best Software Converts AVCHD to MP4 on Mavericks

Last week, I went out with my friend. During this trip, we made a long fantastic movie with my JVC EVERIO camcorder which can output AVCHD with 1920x1080 pixels. When we came back home, I uploaded it to my cloud to make it convenient for my friend to get it. But when he tried, he found it troublesome to download this large file to his computer which is very very wired.

The Mac also reminded him to open the file somewhere, or burn it into a disk. It also made us feel confused!

I thought it over and over again and reminded him it may be because of the insufficient disk space. So he plugged a USB, then it turned out to be okay to download my cloud file as expected! ( Really proud of that !)


Just when we think everything will be okay about it, a new problem came to us – He could not play this AVCHD movie on his iMac OS X 10.8.5. After a long time search and consideration, I listed two solutions to him which are both able to solve his problems.


Firstly, I recommend him a piece of fantastic software Aunsoft Panasonic AVCHD converter for Mac. This converter is able to transcode AVCHD into MP4 for players on Mavericks.


The advantage of this converter is its concise interface and it is really easy to use! What’s more, it is also able to handle the AVCHD from many other camcorders, such as JVC, Sony and so on. It is able to convert AVCHD into MP4, AVI, MOV,SWF and many other popular formats!


Secondly, I recommended him a really powerful application - Final Mate for Mac.This application is more powerful than most of the converters.


One of its distinguished features is that it can automatically recognize and add the file from the USB to it. He doesn’t even need to operate this step manually! Moreover, it is able to convert AVCHD to lossless MP4 on Mavericks and even lossless MTS. This is also marvelous because as we all know the loss of quality is unavoidable during the conversion, but this software can overcome it!


Final mate for Mac also can convert video formats like TOD, MOD and many other common formats. It can provide you perfect vision enjoyment with 3D Effects for all output profiles, upload the output files to YouTube directly and detect the free disk space for output during the whole file!


But Final Mate for Mac also also unavoidably has its disadvantage which is more expensive than Aunsoft Panasonic AVCHD Converter.


Both software just necessitate easy and simple operations.

You just need to:
(Here we illustrate with Panasonic AVCHD Converter for Mac.)


1.Add or drag the file from his USB into the converter! (With Final mate for Mac, you even don’t need to operate this step, because it can help you detect the files in your USB and add it automatically.)


2.Follow the instruction to select the output format you want. There are various output video formats available! All you need to do is just a click!

3.Set the information you need for your specific needs. You can alter the bit rate, frame rate, size, channel and so on to meet your requirements!

4.Click the button to convert it after everything has been prepared. And you will soon get the converted file you demand!

In a word, both Aunsoft Panasonic AVCHD Converter and Final Mate are able to help you to solve the problem of the conversion from AVCHD to MP4 on Mavericks conveniently! Choose one of them, and you will get the perfect output videos!

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