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My friend is a professional cameraman. Last week, he bought a new camcorder and sent the old one – Panasonic VDR-D300 with mini disc to me. This camcorder output VRO videos. I am very happy but because I am new to this area, there are a lot of things I’ve never met. For example, I want my output videos from this camcorder to be the format of AVI or MP4, so that I can watch it in my video player. This problem bothered me for several days. Finally, my friend recommended me Aunsoft Video Converter which is able to perfectlyconvert VRO to AVI/MP4.


Aunsoft Video Converter is a piece of cost-effective software combining VRO converter, MXF converter, MTS/M2TS converter and many other converters together. (This means you get Aunsoft video converter, you get almost all video converters!) In a word, it can help you convert between various formats so that you can enjoy movies on computer, further edit video for creation, present video on HDTV, and publish video online in web-friendly format. What powerful functions Aunsoft Video Converter contains!


With this software, I am able to convert VRO to AVI/MP4!

Now let me share this impressive experience.


Step1. I need to download Aunsoft Video Converter. (Click here to run Aunsoft Video Converter on Mac.)


Step2. When I open this application, its concise interface turns up in my eyes. Then add VRO videos to it. By the way, you can preview it before the conversion! It is really humanized, isn’t it?


Step3. Select the output format you need.

The AVI output format:


The MP4 output format:

Step4. If you have other demands on videos, you may click the Settings button to specify the video and audio parameters. You can alter its size, sample rate, bitrate, frame rate and channels as you need. This practical function can completely satisfy your specific needs for videos!


Step5. After everything has been prepared, I just need to click the yellow arrow button, and it will begin the conversion of VRO to AVI/MP4.

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