Transcode .TS to Lossless MP4 for Adobe Premiere Pro CS6

Recently I bought a camcorder named Avermedia Live Capture HD C985. The camera is able to output .ts format videos. And I want to put the output videos into Adobe Premiere Pro for the postproduction. However, I find .ts is not compatible to it! Because .ts videos made by Avermedia Live Capture HD C985 is with 30fps variable bitrate. When I put it directly into Premiere Pro CS6, the video and audio doesn’t synchronize since the Premiere Pro CS6 doesn’t support the variable bitrate.


After thinking it over, I decide to transcode .ts to Mp4 with constant bitrate firstly so that I can use Adobe Premiere Pro to edit it! After a long search, I find the practical software which can meet my demands – Aunsoft Video Converter. It is able to perfectly make .ts into lossless MP4 for Adobe Premiere Pro CS6.


Aunsoft Video Converter is a converter of high cost performance because it includes MXF converter, MTS/M2TS converter and TS converter. (That’s just the reason why I will choose it!).


Lastly, you can also merge multiple video clips into one file! In a word, it can help you convert between various formats so that you can enjoy movies on computer, further edit video for creation, present video on HDTV, and publish video online in web-friendly format. What powerful functions Aunsoft Video Converter contains!


With this software, I am able to convert .ts videos to lossless MP4 for Adobe Premiere Pro CS6! Now let me share this impressive experience.

1.Firstly, download Aunsoft Video Converter.(If you want to use it freely at your first time, you may click “free trial”. By the way, this trail version will output files with Aunsoft watermark.)


2.After the installing, I open it and the concise its interface at once shows up in my eyes. Then I directly drag my .ts format video into it (This function is really a humanized operation design and easy to use!) By the way, you may also preview it before the conversion of .ts to lossless MP4 for Adobe Premiere Pro CS6!

3.Then, I choose the “H.264.Video(*.mp4)” as the output format.

4.Aunsoft Video Converter also supports customizing output format value. If you have other demands on videos, you may click the Settings button to specify the video and audio parameters. You can alter its size, sample rate, bitrate, frame rate and channels in it. This practical function can satisfy your specific needs for videos! (I turned frame rate into 30, so that it can be more compatible to Adobe Premiere Pro CS6.)

5.Finally, I just need to click the yellow revolving arrow. Thus I can start the conversion of .ts to lossless MP4 for Adobe Premiere Pro CS6 in a very short time!

By the way, I also tried Aunsoft video converter for Mac on my Macbook, and it ran in a good condition!

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