Solving P2 MXF import issues -no audio, audio/video out of sync and audio tracks losing

Summary: This article helps you solve P2 MXF importing audio problems, such as the most frenquent no audio, audio playback out of sync and audio tracks losing. So you can import P2 HD MXF without audio issue.

Import P2 MXF with no audio issue

The above screenshot clearly shows P2 MXF clips are all saved in "VIDEO" folder, while audio files are all stored in "AUDIO" folder. If you only have some loose MXF clips, your may encounter that imported MXF playback with no audio in FCP, QuickTime, Adobe Premiere, etc. So firstly you should keep the correct P2 structure.

When you load the "VIDEO" folder from P2 card,  Aunsoft TransMXF Pro for Mac is able to recognize audio tracks from ‘AUDIO’ folder automatically, which ensures the generated ProRes 422 MOV files have both image and sound correctly. 

However, You can directly import or drag "contents" folder to the P2 MXF Video and Audio Converter, then the program will automatically capture and injust P2 MXF audio/video data.

P2 MXF files audio play back out of sync 

"I shot a project with the Panasonic HVX200. When I drag a clip to Premiere Pro the audio is out of sync with the footage. Please help is there any way to fix?" 

The main reason  is that P2 MXF with DVCPRO HD Codec is not the best codec for Adobe Premiere. And it's common that we import and playback MXF with audio out of sync in Final Cut Pro. It's annoying even the audio is just 1 second ahend of video. The solution is to convert DVCPRO HD P2 MXF s to ProRes MOV, QuickTime MOV, AIC MOV, AVC MOV, etc for native editing.

But some audio out of sync occur after conversion. TransMXF Pro for Mac adopts advanced A/V synchronization technology, which can gurantee excellent sync after MXF conversion or editing.

Converting P2 MXF to ProRes losing audio tracks 

"We shoot some video with a Panasonic AJ HPX2100 and the MXF footage is 1 video track 1920X1080 25p with 2 audio track Mono 48khz. But I only got 1 track after conversion. We do need the 2 tracks."

TransMXF Pro for Mac is the only that can convert P2 MXF to ProRes with original multiple audio tracks. No matter the P2 HD MXF recorded with 2, 4, 8 or more audio tracks, the output ProRes won't loose any audio tracks. You can also selectively keep audio tracks as you need. You can turn 2 audio track P2 MXF to stereo, mono or 5.1 channel ProRes with original tracks of audio preserved. 

Here is a tutorial for you to reference - Convert MXF clips to MOV with two separate mono audio channels 

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